info : could it be my Eye-Fi disturbs Bluetooth ?

Question :

I’ve just installed a Eye-Fi’s WiFi-enabled SD/SDHD-memorycard into my digital camera, and ever since I did so, my Apple Bluetooth mouse is jiggly… it doesn’t fully respond to the movements I make and seems to be disconnected most of the time, even though my Mac isn’t reporting a disconnected mouse… could it be these things have to do with each other ?


Answer :

I’ve not found any info on this on the internet, but I seem to have the exact she problem myself. Since the Eye-Fi card can only use WiFi over 2.4GHz, and there are a lot of other peripherals also using the 2.4GHz band (e.g. Bluetooth-connections), this just might be the case…

The easy solution is exactly what one would expect :

if you make sure that your Eye-Fi-camera stays at least 1.5 meters from your Mac and any Bluetooth-peripherals, you will see that your mouse will start responding normally to your movements…