fixed : macOS Sierra downloaded but installer won’t run

Question :

Since the latest version of OSX (entitled “macOS Sierra) has been yesterday, I wanted to install it on my Mac. I clicked on “download” in the Mac AppStore and  the download started ; on the dedicated product page I could see the status bar filling up and finally stating “downloaded”… but then, nothing happened…

The download wouldn’t install…

I re-checked if macOS Sierra does support my Mac, it does. So I tried restarting the AppStore-app, I tried logging out my iCloud/AppStore-account & than logging back in, I tried rebooting my Mac, I tried rebooting in SafeMode, I tried FirstAid in the Disk Utility app, I tried clicking 10 times on the “downloaded” button repeatedly, I tried installing the DeBug-menus & cleaning the AppStore cache, I tried deleting the hidden AppStore downloads folder… and I tried various command line solutions found online in the Terminal app… nothing helped… I am still stuck with the button under the macOS Sierra icon saying “downloaded”… and nothing happens…

What can I do ?


Answer :

You are probably not (really) going to like this answer, because this will set you back hours & hours, in which you can’t use your Mac ; but it’s the only way known to solve this, and you need to have a recent TimeMachine backup (or alike) for it :

  1. shut down your Mac
  2. disconnect all cables  from your Mac (except your keyboard & mouse if you haven’t got a MacBook)
  3. restart your Mac, and be quick to press the [CMD]+[R] key-combo during startup (your Mac will now start up in Recovery Mode)
  4. in the “OS X Utilities” window that appears, select Restore From TimeMachine Backup and click Continue
  5. in the next “Restore Your System” window, click Continue
  6. now first make sure that your Mac can connect to your TimeMachine-harddisk by plugging in it’s USB-cable, plugging in your Ethernet-network-cable or connect to your WiFi router
  7. then select the hard drive that has your TimeMachine backups on it and click Continue
  8. in the next window, make sure you select the most recent backup that is from before you tried to download macOS Sierra ; only if you’re sure you’ve selected the right backup, proceed and click Continue
  9. now wait (or do something more useful in the mean time) and wait and wait ; this is going to take hours and hours ; putting back a TimeMachine backup this way will go a a speed of about 30BG per hour, so if your hard drive is 500GB it may take you about 15 hours (yes, an entire night and an entire morning…)
  10. finally, once the TimeMachine backup-reinstall is done, your Mac will restart… just let it
  11. then, when logged in, open the Mac AppStore-app and notice that the button under the macOS Sierra now says “download” ; click on it
  12. after the download has completed, you should now see the installer window popup on your screen… proceed from there…

that’s it… it’s simple, but very time-consuming…

enjoy !

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fixed : OSX refuses to install app from “unidentified developer”

Question :

I have an app that I have been using in the past, and I now recently, I was in a situation where I needed that same app, so I downloaded the latest version and tried to install, but I get a message that reads “[app name] can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”…

Isn’t there any option to install the software anyway ?

Answer :

Installing this app is being blocked by the Gatekeeper function that has been in MacOSX since the last versions of MacOSX 10.7 Lion (Gatekeeper was introduced with upgrade 10.7.5 to be exact).

More info on Gatekeeper can be found here.

If you have good experience with the product and you are sure you have downloaded the installer from a reliable source, you can install the app regardless of the warning.

To do so, do one of these :

– go to the icon of the app, right-click (option-click) on it, and select “Open” from the pulldown menu

– go to System Preferences, then to Security & Privacy, and in the window that opens, select the “General”-tab, then leave “Allow apps downloaded from:” at “Mac App Store and identified developers” ; beneath that, you will see a text “[app name] was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer”… there you should click on the “Open Anyway”-button… using that, the rest of the install-process will go as expected

Enjoy !

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