fixed : installer error 16GB USB-stick not large enough for 10GB Catalina Patcher

Question :

I am trying to install macOS 10.15 Catalina on an unsupported Mac using’s Catalina Patcher. I have a SanDisk Cruzer 16GB USB-stick plugged in. I have just reformatted it as per’s instruction video. But when try to install the Catalina Installer onto it, I get an error saying that the selected media is not large enough because it needs at least 10GB of free space.

The USB-stick is 16GB so that shouldn’t be a problem. What can I do ?


Answer :

Some versions of Disk Utility seem to have trouble (re)formatting disk volumes. Could it be you tried this with Disk Utility on a macOS 10.13 High_Sierra Mac ?

The solution is rather simple: format the USB-stick from Disk Utility on a different Mac that runs another version of macOS (preferably an older version of MacOSX / OSX). Make sure you (re)format the USB-stick as “Master Boot Record” in “HFS+ Case-sensitive (Journaled)” (a.k.a. “Mac OS Extended”) format.

Then retry in Catalina Patcher.

That’s it !

enjoy 😉


fixed : a (relatively) quick fix for Photoshop not wanting to install on Case-sensitive formatted HD

Question :

Today, I wanted to install Photoshop on my Mac, but the installer refused because I have my Mac HD formatted in “MacOS Extended (Journaled, Case-sensitive)” format.

How can I easily fix this ?

Answer :

Photoshop (both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS) can not be installed on a Mac that has a “MacOS Extended (Journaled, Case-sensitive)” formatted internal HD. It just can’t. There is only one route to fixing this that will help here : you need to reformat your HD.

So here’s the quickest way to reformatting and restoring your Mac’s internal HD without loosing data :

– make a Time Machine backup of your HD
– plug an OSX 10.7 installer (USB-stick or DVDrom) into your Mac

Note : if you don’t have an OSX-installer, here are directions on making one :

– make sure you have a new DVD-writable or a completely empty 4GB USB-stick

– download Lion Disk Maker and follow the instructions that come with it :

– restart while pressing the ALT-button
– choose the OSX EFI volume to boot from
– open Disk Utility
– click on the Erase tab
– select your internal HD, and “MacOS Extended (Journaled)”
[ and NOT “MacOS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)” !!! ]
– click Erase (a new name for the HD is not important)
– when the erase (reformat) is finished, exit Disk Utility and go to “restore from Time Machine backup”
– make sure your Mac is connected to the Time Machine disk by a cable connection (either Ethernet/UTP, USB or FireWire)
– select the volume called Data and continue
– select the subvolume that has your previous HD’s name
– click Restore and wait
(restoring can take up to one hour)
– afterwards restart your Mac normally
– do a quick check to see if things work properly
– put in the Adobe Photoshop Elements installer DVDrom and follow the installer instructions
– done !