fixed : “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed” error in WordPress Dashboard

Question :

My website has been shifted to the revamped version of the WordPress Dashboard, but now, when I am trying to re-edit posts from before September 2020, I can only see the post’s title in the edit page… the body text is replaced by an error message saying “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed”.

What can I do to fix this ?

Answer :

The underlying problem is not exactly clear, but the solution is rather simple :

  • make sure you are running the latest version of macOS, if not : upgrade to the latest version of macOS
  • make sure you are running the latest version of Safari (or the browser you are using), if not : upgade to the latest version
  • open Safari
  • goto “View” (in the top menu bar)
  • click on “Reload without Content Blockers” (from the pulldown menu)
    • Note : the regular “Reload Page (CMD+R)” will NOT solve the problem !

That’s it !

enjoy 😉

fixed : I want to block AppleWatch watch face from changing unintentionally

Question :

Sometimes, when I look on my Apple Watch to check the time, the watch face has suddenly changed to something completely different.

Now, each time this happens, I have to open the Watch-app on my iPhone and reselect my preferred watch face and set it as “My Current Watch Face” to get things back to normal…

Isn’t there an easy way to prevent that my watch face will suddenly change into something different ? I’ve looked in on my Apple Watch and in the iOS Watch-app, but I can’t find a setting to block this…

What am I doing wrong ?


Answer :

Since you have unintentionally set multiple watch faces in “My Watch Faces”, you’re watch face will change if you swipe left or right when your current watch face is displayed.

Simply put : it’s a feature, not a bug.

To be more precise : this is a feature for people who want different watch faces for different activities like “Work”, “Home”, “Sports”, etc. ; but anyone who has no need for this feature, or never thought this could be handy, it seems like erratic behavior whenever the watch face ‘suddenly’ changes…

To fix this :

  • on your iPhone (or iPad), open the Watch-app
  • the “My Watch” screen opens
  • at “MY FACES”, see how many watch faces you have set
  • click on “Edit” (in orange)
  • in the “My Faces” screen that opens, delete all watch faces you don’t want or need, except for the “Current Watch Face”
  • then click “Done” (in orange)
  • then exit the Watch-app

that’s it 😉

enjoy !

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