fixed : merge persons (faces) in

Question :

While going through photos in, I opened the People-library to see if there were any new faces that I should identify to connect them to the right person.

To my surprise I found that some people had 2 separate entries in the People-library : they were listed once with a group of photos with them in it, and another time with another group of photos that also had them in it, but the 2 groups were completely separate.

Is there an easy way to tell that both are the same person ?


Answer :

The easiest way to make see both groups of photos as referring to the same individual is to merge the 2 entries,. To do so, do this :

  • open
  • listed at the left of the window that opens, you’ll see ‘Library’
  • select the ‘People’ chapter from the list
  • in the window that opens, you will see thumbnails of various people, each representing a group of photos that are identified to have that one person on them
  • if you see a duplicate (i.e. if you see that any particular person is listed twice), select one, then press [CMD] and select the other one with this person in them
  • then right-click on the last thumbnail (of the 2) you have selected and select ‘Merge 2 people’ from the dropdown menu
  • now, both entries will be reduced to only one with all those photos in it

That’s is !

enjoy 😉

fixed : creating a single outline with Illustrator’s Pathfinder tool

Question :

I’ve always used the Pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator to add, join, trim & subtract shapes to get the more unusual shapes. Now I’m using Adobe CS (version CS3, but I don’t think that will differ from newer CS-versions), but after using the desired Pathfinder-option, I don’t get just one shape, but some kind of group of two overlaying shapes… what did I do wrong ?

Answer :

Nothing… you were actually almost there…

to get to the desired ‘one outline’ result… you just have to complete the Pathfinder-outcome by clicking the “Expand” button also…

it’s that simple 😉

NOTE : clicking the “Expand” button has the same effect as using the “Expand Appearance” option that is available from the upper menu bar under the “Object” pulldown menu