fixed : one Red Pin cannot be added to custom My Guides folder in Apple Maps

Question :

I am working in Apple on my Mac and now I have made a lot of Dropped Pins / Red Pins that I have gathered in a custom My Guides folder. I have just created another Red Pin that I also want to add to this custom My Guides folder, but when I do the exact same thing to add it as I did earlier, for some reason that is impossible for this Red Pin since the name of the custom My Guides folder is not appearing… the only option given is “New Guide” for some reason…

What is wrong ? How can I fix this ?

Answer :

This seems to be a bug in Apple (especially Maps version 3.0) on macOS… To fix this, do this :

  • close Apple on your Mac
  • then, open on your iPhone
  • swipe un the pull-up window (with the Search field) so the More Info window fills the screen
  • scroll down to the Red Pin you want to add
  • if you don’t see it right away, you might need to dig a little futher by clicking on one of the “More” buttons (on the right, next to each chapter)
  • when found, click on the Red Pin and it’s info will open in a new window
  • then, click on the ‘three dots’/More-button and choose “Add to Guides” from the pop-up menu
  • now, the complete list of My Guides you have will be visible (even the ones you were not able to select on your Mac)
  • Click on the custom My Guides folder and you will be able to add the Red Pin to that custom My Guides folder

    That’s it !

    enjoy 😉

fixed : CarPlay option not available on iPhone

Question :

My car doesn’t have buit-in navigation, but the onboard system supports Apple CarPlay. I have connected my iPhone to my car both through USB and Bluetooth, but my car only connects to my iPhone for Contacts and telephone… I can’t get access to my iPhone apps like navigation…

I have looked up info on CarPlay online, and it is said everywhere that there should be a CarPlay option in the listed in the same chapter containing AirDrop, AirPlay&Handoff and Picture-in-Picture… immediately below those Picture-in-Picture… but there is none…

My iPhone is just over a year old and I am running the latest version of iOS, so that shouldn’t be a problem, especially since my friend’s iPhone 6S immediately connects to my car’s CarPlay when he plugs in the lightning-to-USB-cable…

What is wrong ?


Answer :

If you have Siri turned off, the CarPlay option won’t show.

So, to fix your problem, do this :

  • on your iPhone, goto the > Siri & Search (in the same chapter as General, Control Center and Display&Brightness, just below Wallpaper) > switch ON “Allow Siri When Locked” and preferably also “Listen for Hey Siri” and/or “Press Side Button for Siri”
  • then turn Bluetooth OFF and back ON on your iPhone
  • then turn WiFi OFF and back ON on your iPhone
  • then goto the > General > CarPlay
  • if CarPlay isn’t listed, just wait a few minutes or restart your iPhone
    • press&hold the ON/OFF-button and the VolumeUP-button simultaneously until the “Slide to power off” slider appears
    • then slide the PowerOFF-slider so the screen goes black
    • then press&hold the ON/OFF-button until the Apple logo appears and your iPhone restarts and says you SIM must be unlocked
    • then touch the screen and typ your screen unlock code (6 digits) in the first (black) screen
    • then typ your SIM unlock code (4 digits) in the second (white) screen
  • then, again, goto the > General and check if CarPlay is now listed
    • if CarPlay still isn’t listed, repeat the entire process
  • now reconnect your iPhone to your car using the Lighting-to-USB-cable and your car’s display will now be able to show your iPhone’s apps also
    • if the app you want to use isn’t listed, goto > General > CarPlay and make sure that you add all apps that you would like to use
    • if no apps are available on your car’s display, use another Lightning-to-USB-cable

That’s it !

enjoy 😉



fixed : creating a single outline with Illustrator’s Pathfinder tool

Question :

I’ve always used the Pathfinder tool in Adobe Illustrator to add, join, trim & subtract shapes to get the more unusual shapes. Now I’m using Adobe CS (version CS3, but I don’t think that will differ from newer CS-versions), but after using the desired Pathfinder-option, I don’t get just one shape, but some kind of group of two overlaying shapes… what did I do wrong ?

Answer :

Nothing… you were actually almost there…

to get to the desired ‘one outline’ result… you just have to complete the Pathfinder-outcome by clicking the “Expand” button also…

it’s that simple 😉

NOTE : clicking the “Expand” button has the same effect as using the “Expand Appearance” option that is available from the upper menu bar under the “Object” pulldown menu