fixed : one Red Pin cannot be added to custom My Guides folder in Apple Maps

Question :

I am working in Apple on my Mac and now I have made a lot of Dropped Pins / Red Pins that I have gathered in a custom My Guides folder. I have just created another Red Pin that I also want to add to this custom My Guides folder, but when I do the exact same thing to add it as I did earlier, for some reason that is impossible for this Red Pin since the name of the custom My Guides folder is not appearing… the only option given is “New Guide” for some reason…

What is wrong ? How can I fix this ?

Answer :

This seems to be a bug in Apple (especially Maps version 3.0) on macOS… To fix this, do this :

  • close Apple on your Mac
  • then, open on your iPhone
  • swipe un the pull-up window (with the Search field) so the More Info window fills the screen
  • scroll down to the Red Pin you want to add
  • if you don’t see it right away, you might need to dig a little futher by clicking on one of the “More” buttons (on the right, next to each chapter)
  • when found, click on the Red Pin and it’s info will open in a new window
  • then, click on the ‘three dots’/More-button and choose “Add to Guides” from the pop-up menu
  • now, the complete list of My Guides you have will be visible (even the ones you were not able to select on your Mac)
  • Click on the custom My Guides folder and you will be able to add the Red Pin to that custom My Guides folder

    That’s it !

    enjoy ūüėČ

fixed : where did the “Personal Hotspot”-option go in iOS 10 ?

Question :

I just upgraded the¬†iOS 10 on my iPhone, but now the Personal Hotspot option that I need to connect my MacBook to my iPhone’s mobile internet connection has vanished from my Settings… it used to be¬†listed right¬†below the Mobile Data setting, but now it’s gone…

What is wrong ? Where did it go ?

Answer :

For some unknown reason¬†the¬†update of iOS 10 seems to hide the Personal Hotspot option… it’s still there, but you have to dig a little deeper to get to it now…

Here’s how to get it back :

  • on your iPhone, go to Settings –> Mobile Data –> Personal Hotspot
  • now, if you switch it on there, it will work like before, and it will re-appear in the (first window) of Settings, directly below Mobile Data

It’s that simple, but it surely isn’t obvious…

enjoy !

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