fixed : Nintendo Switch can’t see iPhone’s Personal Hotspot

Question :

I am on holiday and since there is no WiFi-internet here, I would like to connect my Nintendo Switch to my iPhone’s unlimited internet plan by connecting to it’s WiFi using the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS. But if I have Personal Hotspot turned on, my Switch can’t see it… even if I can connect to the Personal Hotspot from another iPhone.

What is wrong ?

Answer :

There’s an easy fix for this :

  • on you iPhone, goto the
  • in the Settings window that opens, click on “Personal Hotspot” (should be just below “Mobile Data” – if it is not, your mobile phone provider has blocked this and you have no way of wirelessly sharing your iPhone’s internet connection)
  • in the Personal Hotspot window that opens, set the “Allow Others to Join” slider to ON
  • you can just use automatically generated WiFi password for your Personal Hotspot, but if you want to set your own password, click on the triangular arrow right next to the password and a new page wil openen where you will be able to set the password of your liking
  • now, the one crucial step : set the “Maximise Compatibility” slider to ON
  • then exit the
  • goto your Nintendo Switch and now you will see your iPhone’s personal hotspot listed as an available network

That’s it !

enjoy ūüėČ


fixed : where did the “Personal Hotspot”-option go in iOS 10 ?

Question :

I just upgraded the¬†iOS 10 on my iPhone, but now the Personal Hotspot option that I need to connect my MacBook to my iPhone’s mobile internet connection has vanished from my Settings… it used to be¬†listed right¬†below the Mobile Data setting, but now it’s gone…

What is wrong ? Where did it go ?

Answer :

For some unknown reason¬†the¬†update of iOS 10 seems to hide the Personal Hotspot option… it’s still there, but you have to dig a little deeper to get to it now…

Here’s how to get it back :

  • on your iPhone, go to Settings –> Mobile Data –> Personal Hotspot
  • now, if you switch it on there, it will work like before, and it will re-appear in the (first window) of Settings, directly below Mobile Data

It’s that simple, but it surely isn’t obvious…

enjoy !

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