fixed : copy WhatsApp profile picture to macOS Contacts address book

Question :
I am using WhatsApp to communicate with some people that I have only seen a few times in real life. But as we are communicating in a WhatsApp Group it is really handy to see their profile pictures to remember who is who. But now I need to eMail them and it would be great to distinguish them by their profile pictures also… Is there any way to copy their WhatsApp profile pictures over to my macOS Contacts address book ? I’ve tried dark&drop, but that doesn’t work…

Answer :

Yes, but it’s slightly more time-consuming than drag&drop. Here’s how to :

  • make sure you have the official WhatsApp Desktop-app installed on your Mac
  • make sure the WhatsApp Desktop-app is open and you are logged in
    • note : you will need your mobile phone to log in (for the first time)
  • in the WhatsApp Desktop-app do this :
    • open an old conversation with the person who’s profile picture you need
      • you can use the Search-option to find this person if you don’t see them in your recent chats immediately
    • in the person’s profile picture that is visible in the middel of the top menu bar
    • when the Contact Info window opens, right-click on the (large) profile picture that is displayed
    • now, click on the “Copy Image” text that appears
    • then, exit WhatsApp Desktop-app and open
    • make sure that “Preview” is listed in the macOS top menu bar, next to the Apple logo
    • goto “File” > “New From Clipboard” and click on it
      • if “New From Clipboard” is greyed out, there is nothing on your clipboard, so you should go back into WhatsApp Desktop-app and do the “Copy Image” procedure again
    • now the profile picture will be displayed as a Preview document
    • goto “File” > “Save” and click on it
      • when asked, you can just leave “name: Untitled” and “location: Desktop” and click OK
      • now a new file (icon) named “Untitled” will appear on your Desktop
    • then, exit and open
    • in find the person you want to add the profile picture to
    • click on the person’s name to open their personal info
    • then, drag&drop the “Untitled” file from your Desktop to their profile picture area
    • frist, in white, the word “edit” will appear, when the Plus-sign appears, drop the file
      • you can do this even if you don’t click on the “Edit” button bottom right
    • you will get the option to size the profile picture, so you can zoom in if you like
    • then click OK and you’re done
    • That’s it !

enjoy 😉


fixed : how to duplicate a calendar event on iPhone (or iPad)

Question :

I am used to arranging my Calendar events mainly on my Mac, because I think I have more options there tan on my iPhone and iPad. But at this moment I do not have my Mac at hand and I want to duplicate (or copy-paste) a calendar event that is already in my Calendar to another date… but there doesn’t appear to be a simple button to do so…

Is there really no way to duplicate a calendar event on an iPhone/iPad ?


Answer :

Yes, there is an option built into iOS/iPadOS to do so, but it’s not as straight forward as you might like :

  • open the Calendar app
  • go to the calendar event you want to duplicate (or copy-paste)
  • click on it, so the Event Details page will open
  • then click on Edit (top-right), so the Edit Event page will open
  • then click on the tiltle of your event, so the red cursor line appears
  • then click-and-hold on the title of your event again, and when you release the pop-up options will appear in black, then choose Select All
  • the title of your event will now be entirely highlighted in red, and slightly different pop-up options will appear in black, this time choose Copy
  • then click Cancel (top-left)
  • then click on the date (in red) top-left
  • in Calendar-roll page, scroll to the date where you want to place the duplicate calendar event
  • then click + (the red plus-sign top-right), so a New Event page will open
  • click-and-hold on Title (in grey), and when you release the pop-up options will appear in black, then choose Paste
  • now, the event name will be pasted, and the Location-line will be pushed downward to make way for a Suggeted Event
  • click on the Suggested Event and all the additional settings of the original event will be filled out (put differently : you now have a duplicate of the original event)
  • now, adjust all details, like date, time, calendar, alerts, etc. to your liking
  • when ready, click Add (top-right in red)

That’s it… you now have a copy-pasted (and edited) the original event !

enjoy 😉

fixed : copied Excel data only shows zeros instead of original values

Question :

I have this data-range in MS Excel that I want to copy from one page to another, but when I do, in the area that I want to copy to, all cells are filled with zeros…

…the original data has disappeared…

How can I fix this ?

Answer :

Just use the “Paste Special”-option from the Edit-menu, like this :

– in MS Excel, go to the data that you want to copy

– select the range of data you want to copy

– press CMD + C (or choose “Copy” from the Edit-menu)

– then go to the area you want to copy the data to, and select the upper-left cell of the area you want the copied data to appear in

–  then press SHIFT + CMD + V (or choose “Paste Special” from the Edit-menu)

– in the pop-up window that appears, select “Values” (the option third from the top) instead of “All” (which was the first option from the top), and click “OK”

– now the original data will appear

…that’s it !

Enjoy ! 😉

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fixed : copy a row into a column (or a column into a row) in MS Excel

Question :

I have this column full of data in MS Office’s Excel, and now I need the exact same data range in another spreadsheet, but this time as a row…

Do I really need to re-type all data ?

Isn’t there an easier solution ?

Answer :

Yes, there is a far simpler way to copy data from a row into a column (and vice versa) in Excel.

You can just copy & paste, or “Paste Special” to be exact… it goes like this :

– in Excel, select the range of cells you want to use (or copy)

– then press the CMD + C key-combo (or select “Copy” from the Edit-menu)

– then go to the page (a.k.a. “sheet”) you want the copy the data to, and select the upper-left cell of the area you want the copied data to appear in

– then press the SHIFT + CMD + V key-combo (or select “Paste Special” from the Edit-menu)

– …and in pop-up window that opens, put a check-mark in front of “Transpose” and click “OK”

– now the data from your original row (or column) will ‘magically’ appear as a column (or row)…

…that’s it !

enjoy ! 😉

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