fixed : iPad mini 2 screen glass shattered

Question :

My son slipped on the stairs this weekend and his iPad mini (2nd generation) fell down the stairs… the cover prevented any damage to the iPad itself, but the screen is completely shattered since it hit a staircase pole head-on…

The iPad mini 2 is still working properly, but the screen is no longer use-able…

What solution do you suggest ?


Answer :

The first thing to do is cover the broken screen with broad transparent tape, in overlapping lanes, to make sure you will not lose any glass pieces and keep your fingers and face safe when you use it.

Then, go to your local AppleStore or Apple Repair Center and ask them to check your iPad to get a price quote on the repair costs. If your iPad is still okay and only the screen has to be replaced, a repair at the AppleStore will probably cost you ca. €210, for that you will get a “remanufactured” unit of exactly the same specs as your original iPad, so an “Apple refurbished” / “factory refurbished” iPad mini 2 with a 6 month warranty.

Even from Apple’s point of view, that’s not a top deal, as they will try to talk you into buying a new iPad, iPad mini or iPad Pro, since the iPad mini 2 is quite outdated by today’s standards : it can run iOS 12, but not the latest iPadOS 13 (nor iOS 13).

So Apple is somewhat right : if this is your primary iPad, buy a new iPad or get yourself a 2nd-hand iPad that can run iPadOS 13.

And if it’s just a secondary iPad : fix it yourself.

If your screen is not completely shattered and the cracks in the screen are not blocking your view, they’re just hazardous to your fingers : buy a glass screen protector and put that over the original screen (after removing the transparent tape).

You can get glass screen protectors at various (online) shops, be sure to get tempered glass like Gorilla Glass or Panzer Glass.

This is one of the options available on Amazon :

Ailun Tempered Glass H9 Screen Protector for iPad mini 1/2/3 – 2 pack [buy on Amazon US] [buy on Amazon UK] [buy on Amazon DE]

However, if the cracks in your screen are preventing you from joyfully using your iPad mini 2 that is not your primary iPad, go and try to replace the screen yourself :

that’s it !

good luck & enjoy 😉

NOTE : to make sure you will not run into this problem again, you might consider a (semi) military grade protection case for your iPad mini 2 : Supcase Beetle Defence Case with integrated Display Protector for iPad mini 1&2 [buy on Amazon US] [Buy on Amazon UK] [Buy on Amazon DE] …for a relatively old iPad these are quite expensive cases, so it just depends on how, how often and for how long you will use your iPad mini 2 to decide if that’s a good investment…


fixed : MacBook foot-pad has come loose

Question :

Just the other day, one of the black feet of my Uni-body MacBook Pro’s bottom case has come fallen off.

What is the proper way to place it back ?


Answer :

Apple has posted the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide on it’s website, you can find it here :

MacBook Pro: Bottom case foot replacement DIY instructions

The only thing is, in order to do so, you need to still have both feet-elements (upper part & lower part) in good order. So if one part is either broken or missing, your will need replacement feet first.

Apple used to have a “bottom case foot replacement DIY kit” available, but a lot of customer feedback on the internet seems to indicate that they no longer supply these to the ‘normal’ consumer…

Online, you can find replacement feet from various brands like Eathtek, Meco, Mato and Ittecc. Whether these are exactly identical to the real Apple ones remains unclear however… :

MacBook Pro bottom case replacement feet (

MacBook Pro bottom case replacement feet (

MacBook Pro bottom case replacement feet (

Please have a good look into which ones seem to come closest to the original feet before buying.

Regarding the Loctite glue, it seems like you could use any other brand (like Pattex), just make sure it’s “finger glue” a.k.a. “one second glue”. Just make sure that you let the glue dry long enough for first fixation (pressing 1 minute) and long fixation (letting dry 60 minutes) before closing the MacBook housing back together.

Then follow the DIY-instructions from the Apple website mentioned above.

That’s it.

Enjoy !


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