fixed : how to charge Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse ?

Question :

The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse seems a great product, but I can’t get it to work.
It seems to come straight from Asia, as the user manual is in Chinese only.
Luckily scanning the QR-code that’s in de manual downloaded the Mi Fit-app, and since the app is in English figuring out how it works was easy.

Only problem was that the app doesn’t include directions on knowing how to charge and when the battery is full…

…the battery pre-charge it came with lasted for less than an hour, so it turned out that the first thing I have to do is charge it…

How do I know ? How can I check ?


Answer :

The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse (a.k.a. Xiaomi Mi Band 1S) is a very high-value-for-money activity tracker indeed. It’s not an extremely accurate top-quality activity monitor, sleep monitor or heart rate monitor, but at this moment it can be considered as the best low-budget activity tracker for people who would normally use the iOS Health app because they want to stimulate themselves into moving or exercising more and want to keep track of their activity during swimming, sporting, exercising and sleeping, even when they can’t keep their iPhones with them.

Secret Trick #1 : Charging :

  • just take the sensor from the bracelet
  • put it in the USB-charging cable the right way round
  • hook it up to a powered USB-port or charger (not included)
  • wait for all 3 leds to light up continuously

Secret Trick #2 : The Missing Manual :

Secret Trick #3 : resetting the Mi Band Pulse / Mi Band 1S :

Secret Trick #4 : try the continuous heart rate app also :

Secret Trick #5 : use it with the iOS Health app also :

  • install the Mi Fit app first and make sure it works with your iPhone
  • then, open the Health app on your iPhone
  • in the Dashboard screen, click on the “Sources” button on the bottom side
  • on the next page click on “Mi Fit”
  • then on the next page choose which data you want to sync between Health app and Mi Fit app
  • then click “Health Data” at the bottom, next to “Sources”
  • then repeat the following for each type of data you want to exchange between the Mi Fit app and Health app :
    • for Sleep Analysis sharing, choose “Sleep” –> “Sleep Analysis” –> “Show on Dashboard” & “Share Data” –> “DATA SOURCES: Mi Fit” –> delete any individual data that you don’t want taken into account
    • for Weight sharing, choose “Body Measurements” –> “Weight” –> “Show on Dashboard” & “Share Data” –> “DATA SOURCES: Mi Fit” –> delete any individual data that you don’t want taken into account
    • for Heart Rate sharing, choose “Vitals” –> “Heart Rate” –> “Show on Dashboard” & “Share Data” –> “DATA SOURCES: Mi Fit” –> delete any individual data that you don’t want taken into account

That’s it 😉

enjoy !

Note/update : there seems to be a German language unofficial manual for the similar Mi Band (so not the Mi Band S1 Pulse), that you can get here :

Xiaomi Mi Band – Anleitung, Tipps & Tricks – das inoffizielle Handbuch

A preview excerpt of this book (which might give you some answers also) can be found here :

Google Books preview – Xiaomi Mi Band – Anleitung, Tipps & Tricks – das inoffizielle Handbuch

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fixed : battery empty extremely quickly on new iPhone

Question :

I recently got a new iPhone 6 and after about a week, for some reason it’s battery was empty with half a day, even on days when I rarely made any calls, played any games or made any photos.

Any idea what the problem could be ? (besides a problematic battery)


Answer :

In iOS9 you have the option to quickly check what apps have been using the most battery power lately. To do so :

  • open the –> Battery
  • in the window that opens, wait for the rest of the page to load under “BATTERY USAGE” (this might take a few seconds)
  • when the loading is complete, a list of apps is displayed together with the percentage of battery power they’ve used in het “Last 24 Hours” (or in the “Last 7 Days” if you click on the other tab-label)

If any odd apps show up in this list, make sure to always close these immediately after usage. To do so :

  • double-click on the MENU(fingerscan)-button
  • in the view that opens, select any app you need to close by putting your finger on it, the swipe up

…if that doesn’t help, there’s another service that might be draining your battery : Location Services. To shut down al unwanted and unneeded Location Services, do this :

  • open the –> Privacy –> Location Services
  • in the window that opens, there’s no need to shut down Location Services right away, but you should go down the list of all apps that have would like to have your location info
  • see if there is any app that is marked by an purple outlined arrow, and set the setting for this app to “Never”

…that’s it – enjoy !

…and if that doesn’t fix your battery problem, visit an AppleStore an let them check the quality of your iPhone’s battery

NOTE : the purple outlined arrow indicates an app that is constantly checking if you have arrived within it’s geofence, meaning it can start using your location since you have entered “it’s area”… this constant checking of availability costs a lot of power and is draining your battery…

more info on this is displayed at the bottom of the list of apps in the Location Services window

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fixed : wake MacBook from deep sleep

Question :

Whenever I think I am only closing the lid on my MacBook for a few minutes, but get distracted and end up not turning back to it for about an hour, my MacBook seems to have fallen into deep sleep. Then nothing seems to help to get it ‘back to life’, and even though the battery is still indicating about ‘half full’, the usual click on the SPACE-bar doesn’t help, and neither does typing any key or key-combo on the keyboard…

My MacBook’s sleep is actually so deep my wife calls it ‘hibernation’, and my children call it ‘zombie Mac’…

So I always end up either taking out the battery to completely restart my MacBook or keeping the power-button pressed until it finally restarts…

Isn’t there any other way to wake my MacBook from deep sleep ?

Answer :

Yes, there is.

The solution you have been so near to the simplest solution, but you didn’t recognize it…

Instead of keeping the power-button pressed, you should just press the power-button for one quick second

…that’s is. Then your MacBook will slowly wake from deep sleep… it will first show a faded white-ish screen with a progress bar… and if that’s finished loading, your MacBook (Pro) will be right back were you left off…

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