fixed : get new iPhone’s photos on old Snow Leopard OSX10.6.8-Mac

UPDATE : the procedure outlined in this post still works for new iPhones with iOS11 and iOS12 (like the iPhone 7, 8, X, XS and XR) even though it was originally written for new iPhones running iOS10 (like the iPhone 6 and 6s)

Question :

I just got a new iPhone 7, and now I want to transfer my photos from my previous iPhone 6 onto my MacBook. I was hoping to use iCloud for this, but my MacBook is rather old and can’t run any version of OSX newer than MacOSX 10.6.8 “Snow Leopard” which doesn’t have iCloud installed, just it’s predecessor MobileMe…

What can I do ?


Answer :

Theoretically, you could also go online from your Mac and get access to your photos through the website… but since the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox don’t support MacOSX 10.6.8 any longer (Opera does for now, but that’s about to change also), this route is not a future-proof solution.

The most future-proof solution is using a USB-connection like this :

  • on your Mac, open the Applications-folder and open the Image Capture app
  • now connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB-cable
  • you will get this error message [ Photos in the Camera Roll on “…” cannot be viewed or imported because the iPhone is locked with a passcode”
  • click on OK
  • then unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint (or type your 6-digit unlock code)
  • on the iPhone you will get this message [ Trust this computer? ]
  • click on Trust
  • then in Image Capture, under Devices, click on iPhone
  • now all the photos on your iPhone will be listed and/or displayed on your Mac
  • from the pulldown list at “Import to:” select a folder to import the photos to (the default folder is your Pictures-folder, but you can also choose iPhoto or create a new folder at “Other…”)
  • then select the individual photos you want to import and click on Import, or click on Import All to import all your iPhone’s photos onto your Mac
  • then wait…

that’s it – enjoy 😉

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fixed : where did the “Personal Hotspot”-option go in iOS 10 ?

Question :

I just upgraded the iOS 10 on my iPhone, but now the Personal Hotspot option that I need to connect my MacBook to my iPhone’s mobile internet connection has vanished from my Settings… it used to be listed right below the Mobile Data setting, but now it’s gone…

What is wrong ? Where did it go ?

Answer :

For some unknown reason the update of iOS 10 seems to hide the Personal Hotspot option… it’s still there, but you have to dig a little deeper to get to it now…

Here’s how to get it back :

  • on your iPhone, go to Settings –> Mobile Data –> Personal Hotspot
  • now, if you switch it on there, it will work like before, and it will re-appear in the (first window) of Settings, directly below Mobile Data

It’s that simple, but it surely isn’t obvious…

enjoy !

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fixed : delete hacked Pokémon GO (TuTu-hack) from iPhone

Question :

My children have downloaded and installed a hacked version of Pokémon GO on their iPhone using the TuTuHelper-hack.

Now we want to uninstall, but that doesn’t seem to work when we do it the standard way (by deleting the app-icon by pressing on it until the X-badge appears and then clicking that)… What can we do ?

Answer :

TuTuHelper was installed as a developer trail-app using a developer certificate. The hacked version of Pokémon GO was installed subsequently as another developer trail-app using another developer certificate.

You shouldn’t install developer certificates from any developer that you can’t 100% trust, as you are granting that developer permission to access your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) data… and worst case scenario is that that is far more than you’ve bargained for…

To uninstall both of them, do this :

  • on your iPhone, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles & Devices –> CompanyApps
  • there, click on “Wuxi Suntech Power Co.,…” and in the next screen, click on “Delete app” to delete “TuTu Helper”
  • Note : if you do not see the “Delete App” option appearing, you have to temporarily lift the ban on deleting apps you have set in Settings –> General –> Restrictions and try again
  • next, click on “Jin Brand Co., Ltd.” and in the next screen, click on “Delete app” to delete “Pokémon GO” (the hacked version)
  • if you want to make sure your children will not reinstall hacked apps like that again, go to Settings –> General –> Restrictions and set a ban there on “Installing apps” (and preferably on “Deleting apps” also)
  • then restart the iPhone by pressing the physical Home-Button (front) and ON/OFF-Button (top or right) simultaneously until the screen goes completely black and the Apple logo reappears

That’s is !

enjoy 😉

fixed : switching the language of the spelling check in iOS5, iOS6, iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, iOS10, iOS11 & iOS12

Question :

Is it possible to (quickly) switch the language of the spelling check while I’m writing a message on my iPhone ?

Answer :

Yes !

It’s really simple :

1- make sure you have installed multiple languages / multiple keyboards on your iPhone or iPad : Go to Settings –> General –> Keyboard –> (International) Keyboards –> Add New Keyboard…

…and select your desired languages from the list (then exit the Settings-app)

2- you have now installed not only the keyboard for each language, but also the spelling check… and it’s now available in any text or message you type (including SMS)

3- to switch the language of the spelling check, just tap on the globe-key next to the space-bar : when tap it, the space-bar will (only for a quick second) display the name of the keyboard you’re using… but… the language of the active keyboard layout is also the language of the active spelling check…


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